In Conversation with Micaela Sharp

In Conversation with Micaela Sharp

May 28 2021

Powerful women leading in their industries is what Evamoso is all about. We love to have our imaginations sparked by other women and learn about their experiences. Which is why we wanted to start talking to some women who inspire us and hear about their journeys.

Recently, we caught up with Micaela Sharp, semi finalist on Interior Design Masters, to talk all things entrepreneurship, sustainability and Interior Design.

7 things you can do for Earth Day

7 things you can do for Earth Day

April 21 2021
Thursday April 22nd is Earth Day.  Earth Day is all about showing a little love for the planet. After watching the t...
Fashion Revolution Week is coming! Here's how you can get involved

Fashion Revolution Week is coming! Here's how you can get involved

April 16 2021
When Rana Plaza collapsed in 2013 it exposed the cracks of what has become an incredibly toxic industry. The fast fashion industry not only violates human rights and exploits millions around the world but is also slowly killing our planet. From the huge carbon footprint it creates through mass creation of garments to the pollution it creates from dying garments, our brands are simply not doing enough and this is where the Fashion Revolution steps in. Fashion Revolution is a charitable organisation that encourages people to demand better from fashion and asks brands to be more transparent with what they are doing. Their biggest event is the Fashion Revolution Week, which marks the anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza which just so happens to be next week. Sounds good? Here are some ways you can get involved.
5 Ways To Back Small Business

5 Ways To Back Small Business

April 06 2021
We round up five small but helpful tips to help small businesses get the attention and recognition they deserve. Now more than ever, small businesses need your support.
The Green Apps You Have to Get

The Green Apps You Have to Get

March 16 2021
We are now living in a totally digital age which has been exaggerated even more by the pandemic. Did you know though that you can harness your smartphones to help fight climate change and waste with just a few taps? In this blog post we give our top recommendations of apps that will do just that. So let's jump straight in... 
tired woman slumped over her laptop

Feeling low in lockdown?

March 09 2021

Lockdown left you feeling low and unmotivated? We have compiled some helpful tips to boost your endorphins and get you feeling awake and inspired. Recommendations include starting your day with a cold shower, shaking your whole body (ok, maybe not at the same time!) or getting yourself into a gentle yoga practice.

Breathwork. What's it all about?

February 17 2021
We explore breathwork. What it's all about and where you can find options to dip your toe into conscious breathing as well as signing up to make it part of your daily routine to help you live a less stressful day to day.

Favourite Ethical & Sustainable Marketplaces

February 12 2021
Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a range of sustainable brands in one place? Well turns out you can! We’ve done...
Second-hand fashion online

Second-hand fashion online

February 09 2021

With the closure of charity shops, we've decided to round up our selection of second hand fashion available to shop online. We include the likes of Depop, Vinted to the classics such as eBay and Oxfam. 

There is no reason why you can't still get the thrill of finding that special item half the price all whilst doing a bit more good then bad by avoiding fast fashion purchases. 

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Top 5 Eco Beauty Brands

February 01 2021

We've rounded up five Eco beauty brands that we believe are not only beautiful to wear on your skin but also more eco friendly and sustainable on our planet. We may not be in a rush to wear lipstick right now but sometimes you need a new bronzer to lift things up!