Evamoso x Reskinned

Take, make, dispose.
We need this to change.

Evamoso’s new takeback model is here.


Our mission

Currently only 1% of the world’s garment industry gets recycled. Every minute there is a garbage truckful of clothing that gets dumped in landfill. Enough is enough. Will you join us on this takeback mission?

Our partnership

We are here to make circularity simple and normalised. We are proud to say we have partnered up with Reskinned who are here to breathe new life into any Evamoso end-of-life pieces. Not only that, but for a limited time we will be accepting ANY other branded old leggings you have lying around as well.

As much as we have done our best to design with longevity and durability in mind; Sometimes we change sizes. Sometimes we fall out of love with our pieces. Sometimes we wear our leggings to their death whilst not even exercising (guiltyyyy).

Reskinned will take your pieces and inject some TLC and whilst there at it, find them a new loving home. For those pieces that are truly ‘in-pieces’ then they will be recycled into new products such as punch bag filling and insulation for buildings and cars.

No time for landfill?

Trade in your old leggings for credit to shop consciously at Evamoso.

So, how does it work?

Leggings or top truly reached their end? Head over to Evamoso.com and click on Take Me Back. This will connect you straight to the Reskinned x Evamoso page
Box it up
Package it up- use an old delivery box or fashion delivery bag you have on hand to send us back your Evamoso or non-Evamoso pieces. No need to create more waste innit.
Get voucher
Verify your item and you’ll receive a credit voucher- once they’ve received your items they’ll verify they are Evamoso and email you a credit voucher.
Shop consciously
Shop consciously with Evamoso- your old item will be given a new life- woohoo! Remember, the idea is that you have money off your next purchase with us. This we hope will make it easier for you to keep on choosing to shop from a sustainable and circular business.

Are you ready to recycle?

Enough reading. I'm ready to take action and recycle my old clothes!